A Bare Metal Example

Posted Mon 16-May-2011


Recently I took a class on Embedded Systems at Portand State University, and was required to program a bare metal ARM development board. This is a continuation of my notes on how to program the board. You can read the first part here.

In order for this development environment to work, we need to implement the syscalls that newlib will use for the C standard library. Most of the required syscalls are necessary in order to access abstractions that wont make sense on the development board. For example, with a concept of a process, there is no need for the fork() system call. In fact, the only system call we really need to implement is sbrk().

A Bare Metal ARM Environment

Posted Mon 16-May-2011


I recently took a class on Embedded systems design at PSU. In this class, we covered designing memory systems, serial busses, as well as sensors, transducers, and outputs. The labs for this class used an ARM development board based on the (then Intel) PXA270 microprocessor. Students were supposed to develop software in ARM assembly to demonstrate what was learned in class.

I decided to implement my solutions in C to provide more of a challenge. In order to do this, I needed to set up a development environment to cross-compile C code for the PXA270.