A Wireless SNES Controller

Posted Mon 20-Aug-2012


Many classic arcade and console video games can be played with a D-pad. While one can use modern controllers with these programs, they lack the elegance of the older designs. However, if one uses one of these older controllers with a USB adapter, one is forced to be tethered to the computer.

Wireless SNES controllers have been done before. However, they usually don't pay close attention to power usage, and none support multiple controllers using a single interface.

The purpose of this project then, is to develop a low latency, ultra-low power device to interface with the original SNES hardware, and connect it to a modern PC. This device must be relatively cheap to manufacture, use components that are currently being manufactured, support multiple devices without interference, and must minimally modify the hardware. Additionally, it should use techniques developed for packet radio to allow for multiple transmitters on the same channel.